Clinical and Forensic Psychological Services

Hello, I'm Dr. Bud Dale, a licensed Ph.D. psychologist and attorney in Topeka, Kansas.  This website describes my clinical and forensic psychology practice at 2201 SW 29th Street in Topeka where, for the past eighteen years, I have offered a combination of clinical and forensic services to children, teenagers, and adults.  Welcome.  Please feel free to look around the website and the descriptions of services.  If you have questions, call me or submit your question via email.  I will respond.  

Clinical Psychological Services

I provide psychotherapy to children and teenagers, and have extensive experience in parent education and guidance.  I also offer both comprehensive and limited question psychological consultations and evaluations.  Particularly when working with children and their families, my work involves coordination of services and consultation with other service providers such as schools, pediatricians or physicians, and psychiatrists.  Therapeutic intervention is most effective when patients are understood both as individuals and as members of their families and other community groups (e.g., schools, workplace). 

Forensic Psychological Services

In the forensic portion of my practice I provide expert psychological services to courts, the legal community, and individual attorneys and their clients.  For more than ten years I have worked with local domestic courts as a Kansas Supreme Court-approved mediator, as a domestic case manager in high conflict divorce cases, and as an expert conducting comprehensive child custody and parenting evaluations. I also provide expert case review in domestic disputes and a number of specialized post-case review forensic expert services. During the past twenty years, my work with juvenile courts has included clinical evaluations of juvenile offenders, forensic competence to stand trial evaluations, and forensic assessments of juvenile sex offenders.  I have also completed evaluations and court-ordered treatments of adult criminal offenders. 

In addition to being a licensed psychologist, I am also a licensed attorney in Kansas.  For information about The Law Offices of Bud Dale, go to

This website is a resource for the patients and friends of Dr. Bud Dale.  Nothing contained in this site creates a psychologist-patient or an attorney-client relationship with anyone.  For a consultation, call at 785-267-0025 or contact us via email at .

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Bud Dale, Ph.D. (ABPP), J.D. - Psychologist
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