​Significant Additional Child Custody Scholarship

History of Child Custody and the Best Interests Standard:  This article, written with Linda Elrod, Distinguished Law Professor at the Washburn University - and Dr. Dale's mentor), reviews fifty years of changes and shifts in the legal child custody paradigms, including the introduction of mental health professionals into the family law process.  The article was named the Best Family Law Section Article of the Year in 2008 by the American Bar Association.  Linda D. Elrod & Milfred D. Dale, Paradigm Shifts and Pendulum Swings in Child Custody: The Interests of the Children in the Balance, 42(3) Fam. L. Q. 381 (2008).  

 Ethics in attorney-expert relationships. This article, written with Dr. Jonathan Gould - a nationally renowned writer and forensic psychologist, describes the different services that mental health experts often provide in family law matters and outlines ethical and professional issues associated with each service.  Milfred D.Dale & Jonathan W. Gould, Science, Mental Health Consultants, and Attorney-Expert Relationships in Child Custody, 48(1) Fam. L. Q. 1 (2014).  

*  Use of psychological testing in child custody evaluations:  This article, written as part of a team of prominent forensic psychologists, addresses the appropriate and competent uses of psychological testing in child custody evaluations in response to a call for a moratorium on such use.   Sol R. Rapport, Jonathan Gould, & Milfred D. Dale, Psychological Testing Can Be of Significant Value in Child Custody: Don't Buy the "Anti-Testing, Anti-Individual, Pro-Family Systems" Woozle, 30 J. Am. Acad. Matrimonial Law. 405 (2018).  

* Parenting Coordination in the U.S. & Canada:  This article, written with Judge Dolores Bomrad and Aleander Jones, reviews parenting coordination laws, statues and rules.  Milfred D. Dale, Hon. Dolores Bomrad & Alexander Jones, Parenting Coordination Law in the U.S. and Canada: A Review of the Sources and Scope of the PC's Authority, Fam. Ct. Rev. (in press, July 2020).  
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